Import Ban on Japanese Vehicles

China has banned the import and use of Pajero V31 and V33 cross-country cars produced by Japan-based automaker Mitsubishi due to a serious safety flaw.

The State Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau revoked the company's import safety permit last Friday because of a glitch in the braking system of the two models.

The design flaw causes braking fluid to leak during rough driving, potentially causing brake failure.

The problem has caused several accidents in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Yunnan Province in southwest China since September.

Use of the two models is banned until the problem is fixed, according to a notice issued by the administration.

The braking systems of the affected vehicles should be examined and repaired by maintenance stations approved by Mitsubishi, the notice said.

The company has provided the addresses of 44 special maintenance stations across China that will provide free check-up and replacement of the rear braking fluid tubes, according to Saturday's People's Daily.

But the company has not established a timetable to recall the cars in the nation's capital, Beijing Morning Post yesterday cited sources of the Beijing office of Mitsubishi Company as saying.

Maintenance stations for Mitsubishi cars in Beijing have not established any special teams to handle the problem, the paper said.

But a member of staff of the company was said to have agreed to notify maintenance station in Beijing as soon as possible.

(China Daily&Xinhua 02/12/2001)

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