Wood of Gingko Trees Discovered in Guizhou

A wood of ancient gingko trees has been found in a village in Panxian County, southwest China's Guizhou Province.

It is rare to discover in the world a wood of gingko trees, known as "living fossils." According to local historical records, the gingko trees in Panxian County are 1,000 years old and that the gingko trees in Suile Village are about 400 years old.

The gingko trees in Suile grow in a remote valley 1,500 meters above sea level. They rise aloft in front of or behind houses of some 100 families. An average tree is so thick that three to four people have to join hands to embrace it.

Gingko fruit is quite useful because of its medical effect, as well as nutritious. An averagegingko tree can produce 200 kg of fruit annually, some even 500 kg.

(People's Daily 02/19/2001)

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