Bo’ao Forum to Promote Inter-Asian Cooperation

The Bo’ao Forum for Asia, to be established Tuesday, will provide a platform for Asian countries to improve cooperation and dialogue, experts said Sunday.

The forum will help improve understanding among Asian countries through high-level dialogue, said Professor Yan Xuetong of Beijing 's Tsinghua University.

Asia faces many problems in social, economic and cultural development, but an effective regional organization has not so far been founded to solve the problems through dialogue, due to the great diversity among Asian countries, he added.

Asian countries have to integrate to a larger degree to face the challenges that globalization has brought about in both the economic and political aspects, Yan said.

The emergence of a global economy will be one of the most important topics the Bo’ao Forum will focus on, said Professor Yuan Ming of Beijing University.

Most Asian countries face similar problems. For example, promotion of regional cooperation, reduction of poverty, control of population, improvement of education and protection of the environment, along with the handling of rapid economic growth, she said.

Although Asia has made great economic achievements, it still faces great difficulties, she added.

(People’s Daily 02/26/2001)

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