Injured Pajero Victim out of Danger

Lu Hui, seriously injured in a car accident caused by the failure of the brakes in her Pajero car on December 25, is now basically out of danger, doctors said Monday.

Chen Bing, of the Hunan Xiangya Hospital, said his patient has gradually recovered some consciousness and can recall a few things of the past with prompting from her family members.

The doctor said the possibility for Lu to fall into a coma state is slight, though CT examinations show brain damage that has resulted in language and movement difficulties.

Lu's husband Zhou Jianhong urged the Mitsubishi company to pay as soon as possible the 120,000 yuan promised by its Beijing representative office for Lu's medical treatment.

"We have paid 50,000 yuan in advance, and have little money left, but the treatment can not be halted even for a single day," Zhou said.

(Xinhua 02/27/2001)

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