Situation of Epidemic AIDS Grim

“At present, AIDS spreads with frightful speed in the world and the situation of this epidemic disease is grim in China,” said Yin Dakui, vice-minister of health, at a forum on AIDS held in Beijing on February 26.

Since the first case of AIDS patient found in China in 1985, China has experienced three periods: the infection, proliferation, and growth periods. Experts estimated that currently, over 600,000 people in China have been infected with AIDS (HIV). The speed of its spread continues to pick up and the potential for large-scale spread is great.

Although China has made some progress in preventing and controlling AIDS, there still exist many problems. It is hard to eradicate the highly dangerous acts that lead to the spread of AIDs within a short period of time. These include the swift and violent tendency of spreading AIDS by injecting narcotics, venereal disease, sex, and no policy support to enforce effective measures.

(People’s Daily 02/28/2001)

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