Beijingers Opener to Marriage

A survey on marriage conducted by the women's association of Dongcheng District of Beijing shows that local residents have opener minds toward the marriage.

The survey interviewed 1,698 people, with 32.69 percent of males, 67.31 percent of females. And 89.98 percent are married.

The results turned out that Beijingers show more independence and self-consciousness in marriage. They have changed their minds toward divorce, which is no more treated as stigma.

And more divorces are proposed by women. According to the statistics, of the 1,321 divorce cases received by the district's court in 2000, women filed 65 percent.

And people show more senses when dealing with ex-spouse relationship. In the survey, 81.39 percent of the responders say they would offer economic aid, or to some extent, to the ex-spouse, if he or she is in economic trouble.

And children are no more a target in divorce. Only 2 percent of the responders say the party that doesn't live with the underage kids have no visit rights. Seventy percent responders say the best way to reduce the hurt to the kids is to have the separated parents live with the kids by turn.

Also, it seems people show more tolerance to extra-marital affairs. One-third responders say they can't decide whether it is right for a married one to live with an unmarried one, while only 23.9 percent say that's bigamy.

As to the case that a married person to have children with an un-married one, 46.35 percent responders say it is bigamy.

And when asked who should be responsible for extra-marital affairs, those who chose the married one who kept affairs are equal to those who blamed both parties of the couple and those who picked the other party of the affair. The remaining 40 percent responders say it is moral corruption, but it's privacy.

( 01/16/2001)

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