Internet Users Up to 22.50Mn in China

The number of Internet users, who log on the Internet for at least one hour per week, has risen up to 22.50 million from 16.9 million six months ago, says a latest report by China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC).

Meanwhile, the number of on-line computers reached 8.9 million.

The CINIC report says that most of users are now dialing up to Internet, with the number reaching 15.4 million.

The number of female users has taken 30.44 percent out of the total, higher than the 25.32 percent six months ago, according to the report.

The majority of Internet users are from the relatively developed areas in east and south China, with Beijing topping the list followed by Guangdong and Shanghai.

The report shows that 80 percent of them use the Internet to get news, send e-mails or seek entertainment, while only 31.67 percent for online shopping. Less than 10 percent of users have ever engaged in online auctions.

(People's Daily 01/17/2001)

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