Multi-Organ Transplant Lab Established

A state multi-organ transplant lab, was recently established in Hangzhou, capital of east China’s Zhejiang Province.

The lab, attached to China’s Ministry of Health, is based at the No. 1 Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University’s medical school, one of China’s four major organ transplant centers.

The lab, with the aim of becoming an internationally advanced research center, will mainly focus on basic and clinical research on joint organ transplants, striving to help recipients of organ transplants live longer.

The No. 1 Hospital has been successful in kidney, liver, heart, pancreas-kidney, liver-kidney, and heart-lung transplants.

A farmer has lived for more than 100 days after undergoing a heart-lung joint transplant operation at the hospital.

(People’s Daily 01/18/2001)

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