HK to Issue Multiple Entry Permits to Chinese Residents of Taiwan Province

A spokesperson for the Immigration Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government announced Friday that with effect from January 29, a new Multiple Entry Permit (MEP) will be issued to Chinese residents of Taiwan Province working or residing in HKSAR.

The permit will allow the holder to re-enter HKSAR any time during the period of permitted stay and will facilitate endorsement for extension of stay.

At present, single-journey and multiple-journey permits are issued to Chinese residents of Taiwan Province for short-term visits to HKSAR, such as tourism and business visits.

However, only single-journey permits are issued to those who enter HKSAR for employment or residence. For extension of stay or re-entry purposes, they have to obtain a "Declaration of Identity for Entry Purposes" from a law firm.

"With the introduction of the MEP, the travel convenience of Chinese residents of Taiwan Province to HKSAR will be further enhanced", said the spokesman.

(Xinhua 01/19/2001)

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