Securities Hypothecated Loans Top 160b Yuan

The latest statistics from SSE Central Registration and Settlement Co. indicate that by the end of last year, it registered an aggregate of 160 deals of loans with stocks as collateral involving a total of 162.2 billion yuan in securities market capitalization.

Market researchers said the figure signifies China's securities hypothecated loan business has scored marked achievements after years of development.

According to a senior official with the company, it began registration of hypothecation of non-tradable shares (corporate shares) in 1995 and experimented with the registration of hypothecation of tradable shares from 1998.

As of the end of last year, the company reported a total of 10.936 billion hypothecated shares of 228 listed companies, in which 1,376 deals involving 10.429 billion shares were of non-tradable shares and 298 deals involving 507 million shares were of tradable shares.

What is noteworthy is that the company registered 810 deals involving 5.63 billion shares in the last year, up 176 percent and 151 percent respectively over the previous year.

(People's Daily 01/20/2001)

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