One Million Chinese Sign Against Falun Gong

Some one million people in Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou cities in east China's Fujian Province signed their names Sunday on white scrolls to protest the Falun Gong cult and protect human rights.

The activity was initiated by the China Association of Anti- Evil Religion.

A written proposal issued by the association says, peace and development will be the major trend in the coming century, but the spread of the evil Falun Gong doctrine worldwide is destroying numerous families and individuals.

"The evil cult severely entrenches human rights and attempts to control the Falun Gong followers spiritually," the written proposal says, adding that "the cult leader Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong also defy laws and endanger people's lives and minds."

The illegal activities of the Falun Gong cult have inflicted serious harm on society and aroused public anger.

The purpose of the signature campaign against the Falun Gong cult in the cities is to root out the evil cult, and make sure people will be able to live in a healthy environment and stable society.

(People's Daily 01/21/2001)

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