500,000 Volunteers to Embroider Olympic Flag

Some 500,000 people, representatives of the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese and foreign friends will take part in the activity -- "I Embroider the Five-Ring Flag for the Olympic Bid", which started January 19.

This Five-Ring Olympic Flag with traditional Chinese artistic characteristics, to be embroidered by these volunteers, will demonstrate the determination and confidence of the Chinese people and their ability to run the Olympic Games successfully.

The large-scale public welfare activity was sponsored by Culture Arts Talents Center under the Ministry of Culture, Beijing Gehua Culture Development Group and World Chinese Sodality and undertaken by Administration and Service Center under China Century Alter and Beijing Haohua Culture Arts Co Ltd.

The activity will be held at the round corridor on the third floor of the China Centenary Altar. The completed Olympic Flag is expected to be 35 meters high, symbolizing 35 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, and Taiwan and overseas compatriots; it is 56 meters long, signifying China's 56 ethnic groups. The total size of the flag will be 1960 sq. m., 172 sq. m. of which are embroidered by hands. The diameter of the outer ring of the flag will be 12 meters, and the width of the ring strip will be one meter.

The Olympic Flag will be on display at the Chinese Century Altar by July 13, 2001 when the IOC will vote for the host city for 2008 Olympic Games.

(People's Daily 01/22/2001)

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