First Digital TV Network Opened in Beijing

The first digital TV network opened Sunday in the Chinese capital. The network is installed in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Beijing, which has attracted a total of US$2.7 billion in investment and 25 out of the world's top 500 companies to invest in it.

Digital TV, or high definition TV, can provide far clearer TV images than analog TV. It also changes the way to receive information. A person can select to view what he or she wants, instead of passively watching set programs.

The zone cooperated with the DTVIA Techlabs Co Ltd to set up the network, which gives a trial example for the development and commercialization of digital TV in China.

The statistics show that China now has 350 million TV sets and 90 million cable TV users. Experts expect that analog TV will be gradually replaced by digital TV within 10 years. Digital TV technologies will promote the information industry, especially consumption and electronics manufacturing, the experts added.

(People's Daily 01/22/2001)

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