Closer Fujian-Taiwan Exchanges

Closer exchanges between Fujian Province, east China, and Taiwan have been reported since the issuance of the Eight-Point Proposal on Peaceful Reunification of the Motherland by President Jiang Zemin six years ago.

Statistics show that by the end of last year, Fujian had approved 6,296 Taiwanese-funded enterprises, involving a contractual Taiwanese investment of US$11.69 billion and US$8.37 billion in real terms.

Taiwanese funds mainly went to the key industries like high-tech industries, agriculture and infrastructure facilities, sources said.

Some 50,000 experts, scholars and celebrities from Taiwan visited Fujian Province in the past six years. At the same time, more than 4,300 people from Fujian visited Taiwan.

(Xinhua 01/25/2001)

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