Gene Chip for Respiratory Problems Diagnosis Developed

A new gene chip to simplify the diagnosis for usual respiratory problems has been developed in China, which researchers said can help find the real cause in five hours.

Yang Ruifu, a member involved in the development of the gene chip, said all the bacteria genes for respiratory problems were like a spiraled chain. They first stocked part of the known genes into the chip, then put only part of the gene chain from the patient into the chip, and by finding out which two parts join together, they can tell which is the real cause for the disease.

Respiratory problems have a variety of causes. The usual test means always take the physicians at least some thirty days to discover the real cause.

However, the new technology will enable the physician to make a diagnosis within five hours, said Yang.

The project was jointly carried out by research form the Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Harbin Jitai Biological Chip Development Company.

(Xinhua 01/24/2001)

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