China to Enhance Anti-Riot Police Force

China vows to build a stronger and more effective anti-riot police force to maintain social stability, according to a national public security meeting in Hangzhou.

An official from the Ministry of Public Security said that anti- riot police are expected to play key roles in handling group violence and terrorism cases.

"If the anti-riot police are not competent and lack necessary training and equipment, it is hardly capable of maintaining social peace and stability, or even escalating conflicts by inappropriate measures," he added.

The Ministry of Public Security has issued an order, requiring intensive efforts to enhance the buildup of such police force across the country.

According to the order, China's key cities are required to establish a anti-riot squad of no less than 300 members for municipalities or 200 for capital of provinces. Other key cities can organize their own anti-riot police up to their needs.

China has had an anti-riot police force in the past, yet it was relatively weak in training and equipment.

(Xinhua 01/27/2001)

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