Dover Disaster Suspect Captured

Chen Xiaokong, the head of a " snakehead" organization, suspected of organizing the illegal immigration of 58 Chinese to Dover, a port in England, was recently caught in China's Fujian Province.

The 58 illegal immigrants were found dead in a tomato truck on June 19 last year at the English port.

Chen, a well-known snakehead named by local police, had disappeared for a period of time since the group of Chinese he organized to illegally immigrate to Canada were sent back home last December. Snakehead is a term to describe those who organize and smuggle people to other countries.

On the night of January 23, the eve of China's lunar New Year, Chen was captured in a discotheque in Liangjiang County, where he was found addicting drugs in a corner, according to police.

(Xinhua 01/27/2001)

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