16 National Nature Reserves Established

General Office of the State Council has lately approved to set up altogether 16 National Nature Reserves.

They include:

  • Daheishan Mountain Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

  • Erdos Relic Gull Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

  • Gutian Mountain Nature Reserve in Zhejiang Province

  • Taohongling Spotted Deer Nature Reserve in Jiangxi Province

  • Xiaoxi Nature Reserve in Hunan Province

The notice pointed out that the 16 National Nature Reserves are typical in biotic varieties and multifarious in natural heritage and are of great protective value. So to strengthen the protection and management of these regions will have great significance on protecting the rare animals and natural heritages on the brink of distinction, maintaining basic ecological functions and processes, and promoting sustainable economic development.

(People’s Daily 07/04/2001)

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