David Copperfield to Perform in Guangzhou

David Copperfield, the American magician who is recognized “the greatest magician of the world”, will give his magic performances in the new Guangzhou Gymnasium for five evenings on end as from July 11.

Sponsor of the performance in Guangzhou briefed Wednesday that they have spent almost two years in preparing David’s performance. It is the first time for David to give commercial performance in China. There had been some units trying to get David over to perform in Chinese market several years ago but they pitifully failed. David’s performance will also be the first performance given in the newly built Guangzhou Gym.

By integrating history, stories, romance, hi-tech and splendid organization into his performance David will give audiences a great surprise with a fantastic vision, touching state-of-the-art music, perfect lighting effect, singing and dancing and complex plots.

In 1992, David gave a performance of flying across the Great Wall which left a deep impression on the Chinese audiences.

He won the Emmy Awards for several times and was twice elected “the best entertainment celebrity of the year”. He was the first magician who won a living star in the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Recently he has been raised from the eighth to the sixth place in the “World Entertainment Celebrity Billboard”, listing before Madonna, Kevin Costner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.

As sources say, some audience from Hong Kong also rushed to Guangzhou to buy the tickets for his performance. The ticket office said that some staff of foreign consulates in Guangzhou also bought the tickets.

(People’s Daily 07/05/2001)

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