Disloyal Wife Compensates Husband for Divorce

In a divorce case recently concluded in southwest China’ Chongqing Municipality, the wife, whose disloyalty directly led to the break-up of the marriage, was asked to pay the husband 2,000 yuan (US$241.15) in compensation, according to the newly revised Marriage Law, a local newspaper reports.

When handling the case, the local courthouse supported the husband’s demand for compensation after finding out through investigation that the wife’s long-time extramarital relationship with someone else had hurt the husband emotionally and caused the family to split up.

The revised Marriage Law provides a provision to the effect that the party that is not at fault in a divorce case caused by an extramarital relationship is entitled to ask for compensation.

However, the court denied the husband’s request for an amount of 20,000 yuan after examining the extent of damage, emotionally or otherwise, and finally set the figure at 2,000 considering the local economic situation.

This unprecedented divorce case has aroused a strong reaction from among local residents, who applauded the verdict as an indication that China’s legal system made a major move forward.

President of the local court pointed out that the verdict was made exactly in light of the provision set forth in the revised Marriage Law, which is meant to safeguard the stability of every Chinese family.

(Xinhua News Agency 07/12/2001)

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