Beijing Launches English-Learning Programs

Following Beijing's successful bid for the 2008 summer Games, Beijing’s municipal government has launched English-study programs to improve the language skills of its residents, beginning with civil servants and athletes.

In the wake of Beijing's successful bid for the 2008 summer Games, Beijing municipal government has launched programs to help improve the English skills of its residents, beginning with civil servant and athletes.

Some 20,000 of all 100,000 civil servants in Beijing now have taken part in an English-language training program, according to statistics from the municipal bureau of personnel.

Civil servants with bachelor's degrees or higher education backgrounds are expected to be able to speak at least 300 English sentences, while other officials with lower educational degrees must master over 100 English sentences, according to the regulations.

Beijing will also select some 600 officials selected from all the trainees for a three-month intensive training program designed to equip civil servants with enough language skills for international communication.

The State Sport General Administration of China, which in the past has focused on physical training and competition, also has begun to give more attention to the all-round development of Chinese athletes.

Ground will be broken in mid-August in Beijing for seven multi-media classrooms for athletes budgeted at two million yuan (US$241,000). The aim is to enhance both foreign language and computer skills among Chinese athletes.

The classrooms, which will accommodate 25 people each, will be equipped with first-class educational facilities. And the administration will invite seasoned teachers through public bidding to help athletes improve their foreign language skills and learn more computer skills.

(Beijing Youth Daily 07/20/2001)

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