Fetal Sex Test by B-ultrasonic Scanning Illegal

From now on, to test fetal sex by B-ultrasonic scanning is illegal and a doctor will have his professional pursuit and license revoked according to Article 42 of the Implement Measures of the Law of the People’s Republic of China Concerning Mother and Infant Care issued on July 19.

Professor Yan Renying of Peking University said that to test fetal sex by B-ultrasonic scanning will introduce serious consequences, “it can directly result in sex imbalance.”

Authoritative departments concerned will give warnings to those units which illegally test fetal sex by B-ultrasonic scanning and give administrative punishments to those persons involved in disregard of the law. And departments concerned will disqualify those units and doctors that take fetal tests for more than two times or to a mercenary purpose.

(21dnn.com 07/22/2001)

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