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China to Raise Public Awareness of Law

China will continue its bid to spread among its population knowledge about the law and the legal system during the first decade of this century, a senior official said in Beijing Thursday.

Luo Gan, a high-ranking official, told a national meeting that awareness of the law and legal system by the public is the basis for China to improve its legal system and governing the country by law.

In order to safeguard social stability, turn law and order across the country for the better in two years by cracking down on all sorts of criminal offenses, more publicity and education of the law is needed to improve people's awareness of abiding by laws and regulations, and protecting their own interests and rights according to law, Luo Gan said.

He stressed the need for leading officials to learn more about the law so as to improve their capability to administer according to the law.

Great progress has been made since 1986 as China launched its three consecutive five-year plan to promote knowledge of the law, he said.

(China Daily 06/01/2001)

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