World Bank to Fund Remote Education Project in Ningxia

The World Bank is preparing to invest in and build an education network center in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, northwest China, to help the region develop its remote education.

The two sides agreed recently that the World Bank will first set up a remote education center at Ningxia University, which will have courses open to primary, middle school and university students. This is the first remote education project, launched by the World Bank, in China.

The bank will open another remote education center at the regional financial bureau within the following six months to one year, which will cover all the townships in Ningxia.

A World Bank official said that the projects will offer more than 1,000 kinds of courses to local students. The courses will include hot topics for Chinese people such as the World Trade Organization and sustainable development of agriculture.

At present, the World Bank has established network centers in 15 countries. The bank plans to build more remote education centers in China following the projects in Ningxia, according to the bank official.

The World Bank has provided loans for 13 programs in Ningxia since 1984. The total capital involved is 130 million U.S. dollars.

(xinhua 06/13/2001)

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