Never Too Old to Learn

A recent domestic sample survey conducted among elderly people shows that, while 60 percent are interested in learning computer knowledge and surfing the Internet, only 20 percent have actually done so, according to the Beijing Evening News.

Lacking enough support is the biggest obstacle, the survey reveals.

Among 2,379 sampled people aged above 60, more than 70 percent believes computers can help them catch up with the times and have a better understanding of the present world. Over 40 percent agree that computers facilitate better understanding with the younger generation.

About half of those sampled complain that another big obstacle in learning was their poor English language level. Almost 40 percent said computer operation was too difficult to be mastered. One-third of them said they could not afford to buy computers.

A spokesman for the survey said that many elderly people wanted to gain computer knowledge, but found too little support. Some youngsters did not even allow their grandparents to touch computers. This had chilled elderly people’s enthusiasm for learning.

Family support was very important, and youngsters should fully help elderly people learn new technologies, the spokesman said.

( 06/15/2001)

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