China's Automakers Pass Quality Test

The majority of compact cars manufactured by China's major automakers have met state quality standards in the first national quality inspection test of such vehicles, according to Monday's China Daily.

The results of the examination, conducted by the State General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine, will reassure Chinese families, who have demonstrated an increasingly strong desire for modern mobility.

Senior government officials announced Sunday that the administration selected eight sedan models produced by the country's eight leading car manufacturers, including Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM and Changchun-based First Volkswagen Works (FAW), to serve as samples in the inspection, which concentrated primarily on safety, environmental suitability, reliability and overall basic function.

The prices of these models, including the currently popular Sail and Xiali 2000, average 100,000 yuan (US$12,000), a price widely believed to be affordable in the Chinese context.

The results showed that all of the eight models, in addition to passing noise braking tests, also met European I emission standards. A majority is even up to European II emission standards.

The Chinese government will require all in-use automobiles to meet the latter standard by 2005 to alleviate mounting air pollution in urban areas.

Every model was found to be generally reliable, with a few experiencing only minor hitches in road tests. Sail, Xiali 2000 and Chang'an Suzuki were completely flawless in the tests.

(Xinhua News Agency 06/18/2001)

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