Most Consumers Favor “Healthy” Food

Most Chinese are willing to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle, a new national survey conducted by the China Consumers Association showed.

A whopping 99 percent of respondents said they are willing to buy "healthy" food even if it costs more than ordinary one, take part in tree planting efforts, use water-saving taps and fight against activities which may cause environmental pollution.

And 97.6 percent promised not to eat wild animals or wear decorative items made from wild animals, according to the survey.

The association handed out up to 10 million questionnaires to urban residents. The survey results were drawn from 354,000 returned questionnaires, according to the organizers.

The association will send the results to the International Olympic Committee to show Chinese support of the "Green Olympics," an idea advocated by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee.

"The survey results have shown that the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development have been accepted by ordinary Chinese," said Dong Jingsheng, deputy secretary of the China Consumers Association.

(China Daily 06/22/2001)

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