Liaoning Reforms Social Welfare System

Liaoning, an old industrial base in northeast China, recently reformed its social welfare system to offer more types of coverage to a wider-reaching group of participants.

Public enterprises, foreign-funded firms and private and individual economic sectors had all been included in the old-age pension system by the end of last year.

Chen Haibo, who heads the department of provincial human resources and social welfare affairs, said that so far 7.46 million employees and 2.7 million retired workers have been involved in the old-age pension system.

The province also improved medical care service in rural areas. On February 1, 22 medical teams went to the villages of Anshan City. During the three-day tour, they offered medical examinations to rural residents, and took those with serious problems back to the city for further diagnosis or surgery.

Jilin Province, another old industrial base in the northeast, has set up a fund for local residents with serious illnesses. The existing medical care system did not cover high-cost serious illnesses, which create a heavy financial burden for the patients and their families.

Under the new insurance service, 80 percent to 90 percent of the medical treatment fees will be paid by the fund and the rest by the patients.

The previous medical care system, which was the sole responsibility of the working units, has been abolished.

(Xinhua 01/03/2001)

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