Disabled in E China Province to Be Better-Off

East China's Zhejiang Province has vowed to help all its disabled get rid of poverty by the end of next year.

A recent survey showed that there are some 100,000 disabled in Zhejiang, mostly in its rural areas, that are still living under the poverty line.

"We will provide a series of training to help the rural disabled master certain money-earning skills," said an official from the Provincial Federation of the Disabled.

The official said that this year more than 20,000 disabled people in rural areas will receive such trainings.

According to the official, the various departments in Zhejiang will employ over 10,000 urban disabled residents this year to help them lead a better life.

Zhejiang has a total of more than 2 million disabled people, accounting for 5 percent of the province's total population.

In the past three years, Zhejiang has helped nearly 150,000 disable people to get rid of poverty.

(People's Daily 03/02/2001)

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