Beijing to Ban Plastic Containers

Beijing Consumer's Association urged to forbid the production and using of taken-away plastic containers right away at a press conference Friday.

The plastic containers do great harm to people's health, said Lou Fengmei, secretary-general of Beijing Consumer's Association.

-- It can hardly reclaimed, pollute the environment;

-- It is undegradable, and it remains unchanged even buried in soil for hundreds of years;

-- A great deal of harmful gas send out when burning;

-- When temperature surpasses 65 centigrade, the harmful substances will filter into food, and cause damage to people's livers, kidneys, procreation systems and nerve centers.

The latest survey conducted by Beijing Customer's Association shows 48.7 percent of the customers still use taken-away plastic containers, and 34 percent of them don't know the harm of the containers. Beijing released No.1 consumption warning that customers should refuse to use this kind of meal boxes, they can ask for the bio-degradable containers and they also have the right to give warnings to the storekeepers.

The government should strengthen its efforts to solve the "white pollution" problems.

(Eastday 03/16/2001)

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