Support for Cult Harmful to Mainland-Taiwan Relations

An official warned Friday that Taiwan separatists’ malicious support for the Falun Gong cult will ultimately lead to enormous harm to the Taiwan people and severely affect the relations between the mainland and Taiwan.

Li Yafei, secretary general of the mainland-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, told a news conference in Beijing that Falun Gong has been conducting a series of activities in Taiwan recently.

Li attributed the cult’s rampant moves to support from the Taiwan authorities and separatists on the island.

“Facts show that Taiwan separatists have colluded with Western anti-China forces in using the cult as a tool to overthrow the Chinese government and realize the outrage of splitting the motherland,” Li said.

“We believe that most Taiwan people are fully aware of the evil nature of Falun Gong and will condemn certain Taiwan officials and separatists’ villainous support for the cult,” said Li.

Li also made it clear that it is on the acceptance or otherwise of the “One China” principle that possible negotiations between both sides of the Taiwan Strait hinge.

According to Li, the Taiwan authorities and separatist forces should be held fully responsible for the current political stalemate and failure of further communication between Taiwan and the mainland.

(Xinhua 03/16/2001)

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