Move to Protect Nation’s Heritage

World Heritage site officials from around the world are to exchange ideas at a conference in Wuyishan in east China’s Fujian Province.

In a bid to promote the importance of protecting World Heritage sites in China and across the world, the city will hold the first China World Heritage Festival on April 12-14.

The event aims to enrich China’s knowledge of World Heritage sites’ preservation and the heritage convention.

To date, a total of 27 sites in China are designated World Heritage sites by the United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Wuyi Mountain was listed as a Natural and Cultural World Heritage site in December 1999.

Wuyishan Nature Reserve occupies 99,975 hectares in the northwest region of Fujian Province.

Traces of human activity as far back as 4,000 years have been discovered at the site.

The mountain is also famous for producing some of the best tea, mainly Oolong, in the famous tea-producing province.

A series of activities will be held during the three-day event, including a large theatrical party, an organic food fair and an unveiling ceremony for a stone symbolizing the mountain as a World Heritage site.

An exhibition displaying various images of World Heritage sites from China and around the world will also be held.

Meanwhile, a foundation of the Wuyi Mountain World Heritage Preservation Association will be established.

Experts will be invited to inspect the preservation of the Wuyi Mountains site, along with articles about World Heritage sites from all over the world.

(China Daily 03/17/2001)

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