National Land Information System to Be Set Up

Chinese Ministry of Land and Natural Resources are bending its head over a national-level CAD land information system, which is designed to be linked up with land resource monitoring satellite.

Construction of the information system is scheduled to be finished this year, which will provide illustrated information on the country's blueprint for the land distribution for various purposes for the next 10 years, said Pan Wencan, director of the planning department with the ministry.

After being hooked up with the satellite monitoring system, the CAD land information system will update maps on specific changes of land use, which can be easily understood by ordinary people, Pan said.

The information system uses different colors to distinguish areas of farmland, construction land and forest coverage at five levels, including the national, provincial, cities, counties and township levels.

At present, the ministry has finished the system design of the national and provincial levels, which is based on the country's new land resources planning just ratified by the State Council.

The new planning has given priority to the protection of farmland in the urbanization construction in order to ensure the farmland acreage of over 128 million hectares by 2010.

The information system will provide effective reference and evidence for the government to regulate land utilization and punish the illegal requisition of farmland, said Pan.

(Xinhua 03/27/2001)

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