Leshan Buddha Should Be Housed

Zhu Dan, a student from Wenjiang Middle-school of Chengdu, wrote to Communist Party Committee Secretary of Sichuan Province Zhou Yongkang a few days ago, urging to build a house to contain and protect Leshan Buddha, a world-famous historic relic, and wanted to donate her savings of 100 yuan for the project.

Zhu's words aroused close attention of Zhou as a striking topic: Does Leshan Buddha, listed on the World Cultural Heritages, really need a house for protection?

Actually, the Buddha had been coated by Daxiang Chamber which was ruined in the war at the end of Ming Dynasty. Now only dozens of remained beams could be seen on both sides of the Buddha body.

How to protect Leshan Buddha in a scientific way is a problem confronting the whole world.

In August of this year, UN World Relics Organization sent a delegation to Leshan to inspect the historic spot. After that, a series of constructive suggestions were put forward, such as establishing a special protection organization and inviting experts worldwide to study the issue.

However, it will still be a tough task, for it not only has to go through research argumentation, ratification and other procedures, but also involves a huge capital.

(CIIC 09/27/2000)

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