Sectoral Images in the Consumers’ Eyes

What is the image of a certain industry in the consumers’ eyes? To answer this question, a look at the survey made by the Horizon Research may be helpful.

Just before the International Day of Consumers' Rights and Interests, Horizon Research surveyed 4,753 consumers in 10 cities. The sample were asked to comment on 21 main production and service sectors by selecting one of the six faces available, namely Enthusiastic face, Confident face, Happy face, Contented face, Careful face and Cold face.

No. 1 Enthusiastic face went to the catering industry, with an approval rate of 57.3. The next two were taxi service (55.7 percent) and domestic appliance sales (54.2 percent). These three sectors are acknowledged for their warm service, as most consumers are deeply impressed by the smiling waitresses, talkative taxi drivers and earnest salespersons of domestic appliances.

Featuring hi-tech elements, the top three Confident sectors named by consumers were legal advisors (26.3 percent), cellular phone manufacturers (13.7 percent) and domestic appliance producers (12.7 percent).

Contented faces are granted to water/power/natural gas providers, as this sector has made citizens’ life more convenient and contented. Also on top of the list are domestic appliance producers and post and telecommunications.

Banks, hospitals and postal and telecommunication services are sectors that require great care by their staff. As a result, they are awarded Careful faces, with acknowledgement rates of 17.3 percent, 12.1 percent and 11.8 percent respectively.

Food, shelter and travel are the necessary elements of life. Along with the accumulation of wealth, people spend increasingly more on travel, eating-out and communications. The survey shows that travel agencies, the catering industry and cellular phone manufacturers are considered sectors with Happy faces. They help to shape the modern way of life and bring the greatest happiness to people.

The Cold face is the only negative one among the six faces. Sectors receiving this image are hospitals (25.1 percent), property management (17.0 percent) and public transportation (16.8 percent). Good service of these sectors is essential to make a happy life. Consumers naturally wish to shed the cold face as soon as possible.

With the standardized development of market, more and more sectors begin to attach great importance to their consumer image. After all, the consumer is the god, and he who wins consumer approval will win in the end.

(CIIC 03/30/2001)

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