State to Play Its Role in Global Maritime Affairs

A group of Chinese experts said Tuesday that China should serve as “a major player” in global maritime affairs in the 21st century, which has been widely called the “century of oceans”.

They emphasized that the adequate exploitation and utilization of marine resources are closely linked with China’s modernization drive and sustainable development.

At a forum here Tuesday, the experts agreed that it is “a sacred mission” to protect China’s maritime rights and interests, which are endowed by the United Nation’s Maritime Convention.

The convention took effect in 1994 as the most comprehensive international law of the sea in human history.

More than 40 Chinese officials and experts attended the forum to mark the fifth anniversary of China’s approval of the Maritime Convention.

Sun Zhihui, deputy director of the State Oceanic Administration, said it is “an irreversible global trend” that countries worldwide will compete for marine resources as their terrestrial resources are drying up.

Attendants also touched upon the grim situation faced by China when certain countries, especially “a certain hegemonic state”, have repeatedly infringed upon China’s maritime rights and interests, adding that “it’s an arduous and long-term task” to defend the country’s legitimate maritime rights and interests.

(People’s Daily 05/16/2001)

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