Cooperation in Science on the Rise

Cooperation in biotechnology between China and Canada has been gaining momentum in recent years, according to a Canadian official presiding over a training workshop on biosafety.

The three-day workshop, starting in Nanjing on Tuesday, aims to raise people's awareness of the possible hazards which transgenic organisms - organisms which have genetic material artificially introduced from other species - might have on people, the environment and other living creatures.

It also tries to provide people engaged in the management and research of bioscience and biotechnology with the knowledge and ability to deal with biosafety issues.

The meeting, organized by the State Environmental Protection Administration in collaboration with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science, is part of a joint project called Capacity Building of China's Biosafety Regulations and Technological Principles.

The State Environmental Protection Administration and Canadian International Development Agency have joined hands in information and technological exchanges and cooperation in an effort to promote the development of biotechnology.

While developing the technology, some scientists have raised the issue of biosafety to arouse people's attention.

Since 1975, many countries have made a series of regulations to guide and supervise the safe development and application of transgenic organisms.

The Canadian government will continue to facilitate technical assistance and give advice in its cooperation with China, said Rolf Schoenert, account officer of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, at the workshop.

(China Daily 05/17/2001)

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