Tintin Comes to China Legally

The publication ceremony for the Chinese edition of the picture album, The Adventure of Tintin, was held in Beijing May 22, indicating that (Tintin), an artistic image created by Belgian master cartoonist Herge, has come to China in a dignified way.

The Adventure of Tintin, a large cartoon series created by Herge with his life-long energy, can be called a classic work in the comic book from the date of its birth in 1929. It was once published at home in the 1980s.

At the publication ceremony, the president of Casterman Publishing House (CPH) and the president of China Youth Publishing House (CYPH) Hai Fei exchanged their views on one of the stories-the Blue Lotus, which was created by Herge after his acquaintance with Zhang Zhongren (Chang Chong-Chen) in 1934. "Chang" in the book takes Zhang Zhongren as the model. It is also the image of the only model in The Adventure of Tintin. Incomplete statistics indicate that over 1 billion people in the world are quite familiar with "Chang" in "the Blue Lotus".

Mr. Hai Fei said at the ceremony that some thought Tintin was suitable for readers aged from 7-77 years old, while he believed that Tintin can be read by one till he or she is 99 years old.

(People’s Daily 05/24/2001)

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