Olympic Bid Gains Support Overseas

Overseas support for Beijing's bid for the 2008 Olympic Games is increasing with hundreds of thousands of Chinese living in San Francisco in the United States continuing their months-long campaign to back Beijing.

The offensive includes an art exhibition on the Great Wall next month. On June 23, International Olympic Day, a dragon-themed scroll about 10,000 metres long created by US-based Chinese artist Zhao Jianhai will be displayed on the Juyongguan section of the Great Wall.

Together with a Three Tenors concert performed that night in the Forbidden City, the exhibition is expected to show a new round of enthusiasm for Beijing's bid around the world.

Zhao, a resident of the United States who has lived abroad for 13 years, said overseas Chinese including himself are very excited for Beijing.

"Being the capital of a rapidly developing country moving along at rocket speed, Beijing really deserves to host an Olympic Games," said Zhao, the exhibition planner.

The scroll starts with a dragon head sculpture and the last part is full of signatures collected from people in San Francisco who back Beijing's bid.

A group of 500 people made up of Beijing college students and some overseas Chinese in San Francisco will be on the Great Wall on June 23 to display the huge scroll.

Zhao said he was overwhelmed by the support among overseas Chinese.

"They are very happy and they all hold on to the idea that only hosting an Olympics can best show Beijing's capacity to be an international city," he said.

He said despite the fact that some US congressman oppose Beijing's bid, most US people are quite keen for China's capital to host the Games.

(China Daily 05/25/2001)

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