China Sets Targets for Rural Work in 2002

China has set as one of its most important tasks in 2002 the vigorous adjustment of the agricultural structure in a move to increase the income of farmers.

The Central Economic Working Conference, held from November 27 to 29, defined the readjustment of agricultural structure, deepening of rural reform and increasing farmers' income as major goals for 2002.

The conference said that to further change agricultural and rural economic set-ups is an important way for improving agricultural efficiency and boosting farmers' income. It is imperative to develop quality and special farm produce and expand animal husbandry into a more profitable industry as soon as possible.

Top priority should be given to the quality, sanitation and safety of food products, and efforts should be made to establish quality standards for farm produce, a system for examining and testing farm produce, and to develop organic and pollution-free food products.

The conference said agricultural industrialization can help revamp the structure of the sector and is a major issue in rural economic work.

More must be done to speed up the return of reclaimed farmland, as well as barren hills and land, to afforested areas.

The conference also stressed the importance of infrastructure construction and the improvement of production and living conditions in rural areas.

The conference held that the fees-to-tax reform in rural areas on trial basis has shown initial success. Next year, the reform will be introduced in more areas in the country.

The conference also discussed education, the household contract responsibility system and other issues in rural areas.

(People's Daily November 30, 2001)

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