China Vows to Increase Employment Rate

The just concluded Central Economic Working Conference has urged the nation to create more jobs so as to improve people's living standards.

The meeting said that the country's employment situation is of political importance as it is vital for stability, reform and opening up. Therefore committees of the Communist Party of China and governments at all levels should pay close attention to the employment situation and work to provide more jobs.

The meeting urged that the development of labor-intensive industry should be stepped up, and the competitiveness of the state economy be improved. Meanwhile, various forms of ownership in economic development should also be encouraged.

It is important to make full use of the small and medium-sized enterprises and non-State economy in increasing China's employment rate, the meeting noted.

The meeting stressed the importance of the development of small towns and rural enterprises, which can eventually speed up urbanization by absorbing surplus labor from rural area.

It noted that there should be a reasonable allocation of labor resources as well as a balanced and fair system of income distribution, as these are important means to increase both people's incomes and domestic demand.

The meeting said a huge income gap between rich and poor should be avoided so as to prevent social strife and offer a sound environment for economic development.

It also stressed that work efficiency should be the priority while the principle of fair play must be taken into consideration.

(People's Daily November 30, 2001)

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