New Metropolis to Be Built

Beijing is to join hands with neighboring cities in a bid to promote future development and to build a new world metropolis.

The long-term Great Beijing Plan, approved by the Ministry of Construction, includes Beijing, Tianjin and adjacent areas of Hebei Province for development.

In Great Beijing, the policy-making in land development, industry distribution and environmental protection will take the whole region into account, instead of Beijing alone.

According to the plan, Great Beijing will cover an area of 70,000 square km with China's two municipalities, Beijing and Tianjin, as its core districts. Tangshan and Baoding of Hebei Province are the key cities that could help form the world metropolis.

Sections of some industries and funds in Beijing will be shifted to neighboring cities and counties, which will help relieve the capital's pressure of economic development and environmental protection, as well as offering job opportunities to underdeveloped areas.

The construction of Great Beijing is expected to provide advantages to adjacent cities, and should help avoid the vicious competition that currently exists.

An inter-city traffic network will be constructed to improve transportation. Tianjin is expected to become another communications hub, along with the capital.

The theory of total regional development is widely practiced abroad, according to experts. London, Paris and New York set good examples for building world metropolises.

Experts say that a city relying on its own resources could face restrictions in social development. Building world metropolises is a choice for a country to further its development in the era of globalization, experts say.

(China Daily 10/13/2001)

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