Jiang Zemin Talks With French President Over Phone

Chinese President Jiang Zemin and French President Jacques Chirac talked over phone Tuesday.

Jiang first informed Chirac of the Ninth Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders Meeting. He said that this meeting is the first gathering of the leaders of economies in the new century, and it has achieved complete success.

He said the leaders exchanged views on the characteristics of the current international situation, the global and regional economic circumstances, the human resources ability construction and APEC's future development, and they all expressed confidence in the world and Asia-Pacific economic prospects, and their absolute support for the multilateral trade system and a new round of World Trade Organization talks.

Jiang said that the leaders also discussed issues of combating terrorism and issued a declaration. They agreed that terrorism should be unswervingly cracked down upon, whenever and wherever it,occurs, whoever organizes it, whoever it targets at and whatever form it takes.

He said anti-terrorism actions should conform to the United Nations Charter and accepted international laws and give fully play to the leading role of the UN and its Security Council. APEC economies will collaborate in combating terrorism in fields like finance and customs in accordance with their own situations.

Chirac extended congratulations on the success of the APEC meeting, saying the meeting has resounded well in the international community.

He notified Jiang on the unofficial summit meeting held by the 15 EU members in the Belgian city of Gand on October 19. He said France and China share the same view on anti-terrorism and France also believes that strikes against terrorism should have specific targets, avoid hurting innocent civilians, adding that terrorists should be struck hard regardless of the time and place.

He also highly evaluated the current France-China relations and expressed satisfaction over the bilateral cooperation in the sectors of politics, economy and trade, culture, science and technology.

The two sides also exchanged views over the issue of Afghanistan. Jiang stressed that the solution of this problem should be based on a set of principles, which include ensuring Afghanistan's sovereignty independence and territorial integrity, allowing the Afghan people themselves to make decisions on solving the problem, Afghanistan's future government on a broad basis, which can represent interests of all nationalities, and get along well with other nations, especially the neighboring ones, being conducive to safeguarding regional peace and stability, the United Nations playing a more active role.

Chirac said he completely agreed with the principles above, andis ready to maintain consultation and cooperation with China over the political solution of the issue of Afghanistan.

(Xinhua News Agency October 24,2001)

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