Anti-terrorism Stressed in China

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhu Bangzao Thursday refuted some distorted media reports on China's anti-terrorism stance, reiterating its unconditional support for all the anti-terrorism activities.

Zhu made the remarks at Thursday's regular press conference.

Some reports claimed that according to the September 18 press conference, China's cooperation with the United States to combat terrorism is on the condition that the U.S. support China against separatists.

Zhu pointed out that some media reports patched up his answers to different questions and seriously distorted China's position.

China has made clear its anti-terrorism stance, which was clearly stated in the phone conversation between President Jiang Zemin and leaders of countries concerned on September 18, he said.

To reaffirm China's principled stand, Zhu said, terrorism has posed a great threat to world peace and stability and become a common scourge.

He noted that the Chinese government is firmly opposed to terrorist activities of any type, and it is very necessary and urgent for the international community to strengthen cooperation.

Zhu stressed that the Chinese side supports attacks on terrorism as long as the attacks are based on conclusive evidence and with clear targets and a guarantee of the safety of innocent civilians.

The United Nations Charter should be respected and the role of the UN and its Security Council should be strengthened, the spokesman said, adding all anti-terrorist activities should be in the long-term interests of world peace and development.

(Xinhua News Agency 09/21/2001)

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