Beijing Municipality Invites Bid for Urban Railway Network Redesign

Beijing municipality launched a worldwide open bidding for the redesign of its underground railway system. The central government has just approved a new blueprint for an express transportation system. This is the first time the country opened such a bidding for railway system design and construction.

The current initiative for the capital's express transportation system was made in 1993, covering 13 express railway routes with a total length of 408 kilometers. Due to rapid economic development and the city's successful bid for the 2008 Olympics, the municipal government plans to expand its express railway transportation system.

According to the latest initiative, total length of track will be increased to 600 kilometers, covering a total area of 16,800 square kilometers, encompassing both urban and suburban areas.

The new system will link important business and science concentrated areas like Zhongguancun Science Park in the northwest of the city, the Central Business District (CBD) in the eastern side, and the Olympic site in the northern part of the city. More crossovers will have to be built for passengers to change lines.

Underground railways will not be the only feature of the new system. There will also be over-ground railways in urban and suburban areas, tramcars and even express high speed trains with applied magnetic technology.

So far as our reporter has learnt, 8 companies have been approved to enter the bidding, of which 4 are domestic and 4 are from abroad.

The metro that provides a fast and efficient service to users, has become overcrowded and hinders the rapid economic development of the city in recent year.

( 09/23/2001)

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