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El Nino May Occur This Spring

Chinese meteorologists from the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center predict that in terms of the observation data on the atmosphere, ocean, and sun, a serious El Nino phenomenon will occur in April and May this year.

Currently, both the oceanic and atmospheric circumfluence signals the antecedent features for the occurrence of an El Nino phenomenon. Meanwhile, according to the study on sun activities and El Nino relations, meteorologists predict that the occurrence of El Nino may frequently appears three times in the next six years from 2002 to 2008.

The El Nino phenomenon, which occurs roughly every four years, is caused by abnormal temperature increases in tropical waters and leads to global weather and climate anomalies.

As a result of the effect of El Nino, aside from the abnormal winter, north China will also suffer from scarce rainfall and high temperatures in summer, and south China will be plagued by devastating floods and low temperatures.

Statistics show that all the serious floods hit China in the past 100 years were brought by El Nino which occurred a year before. In 1998, a devastating flood occurred along the Yangtze River after the El Nino occurred in 1997 and 1998.

(People's Daily January 30, 2002)

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