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Patent Protection Efforts Needed to Be Deepened
More efforts are needed to deepen awareness of technology innovation and patent protection among industrial and academic sectors to help them beat off foreign competition after China joins the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Flood of Mergers Forecasted
Spurred by the growing globalization of the world economy and the country's impending entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), a wave of mergers and acquisitions is expected as a result of increasing foreign involvement.
Lawyers Urged to Get Ready for WTO Entry
A Ministry of Justice official yesterday urged legal services to prepare for China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is expected soon.
Foreign Law Firm to Expand
Having had the insight to enter China seven years ago, the law firm Baker & McKenzie, a world leader in its field, is looking to make a similarly clever move by setting up a new branch in Shanghai.
Service Sector's Vast Potential
Development of service trade might offer another arena for China to compete with its robust counterparts in the international market.
Flexible Policies Urged on State Input
With deflation continuing to nag China's economy, a proactive fiscal policy remains necessary this year.
WTO to Benefit Hong Kong
To prepare China for final-stage World Trade Organization (WTO) status by 2005, the Chinese mainland should first set up a "free trade zone" with Hong Kong, a National People's Congress deputy has suggested.
Private Firms Supported
A National People's Congress deputy has proposed opening China's telecommunications market to domestic privately owned enterprises before the sector is opened to foreign investors after it joins the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Price Scheme Hurts Cars, Consumers
Price collusion among Chinese automobile manufacturers will not only hurt consumers but also obstruct the reform of China's auto industry, economist Mao Yushi warns.
Economist: WTO Entry Changes Much
Local businesses and enterprises can expect more competition for talented employees and market shares after China joins the World Trade Organization (WTO), a renowned Chinese economist said in Beijing on Saturday.
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