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Cheap Labour Fuelling Growth
China's high-quality but relatively cheap labor force will allow the country's economy to maintain its rapid growth in the coming decade, an industry expert predicted Wednesday.
Experts: Increase of China-made Goods No Global Threat
Industrialists and experts from home and overseas said Wednesday that China's growing manufacturing capacity, rather than posing a threat to other economies, will bring much more cheaper consumer goods for overseas businessmen and consumers.
Expert Advice for Farmers
Foreign experts gave valuable advice on Chinese agriculture, in the post-World Trade Organization (WTO) environment, during the Jiangsu International Agricultural Symposium and Project Promotional Exposition.
Quality Control Key to International Trade
An internationally recognized quality control system is the key to upgrading China's products and breaking technical trade barriers, government officials said Monday.
Forum to Discuss Media Management in China
Media professionals from China and abroad will meet in Shanghai's Pudong New District at a December 5-7 forum to discuss media management in China after its World Trade Organization entry.
Expert Urges Swift Drafting of Anti-monopoly Law
China is in desperate need of a new anti-monopoly law with its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Wang Xiaoye, a law expert from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), said Saturday.
NPC Vice Chairman Calls for Sound Credit System
Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) Jiang Chunyun has emphasized the importance of improving the country's legal system and establishing a credit system.
Mechanism to Protect Domestic Firms Pondered
A sound working mechanism is urgently needed for China to cope with increasing dumping charges from overseas, according to Wang Shichun, director-general of the Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports and Exports (BOFT), under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation (MOFTEC).
Trade Minister on Importance of Intermediary Organizations
After China's entry into the World Trade Organization, intermediary organizations should play a larger role in boosting the national economy and foreign trade, says Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) Shi Guangsheng.
Better Tech Urged to Help Farmers Face WTO
Chinese agriculture experts are reiterating the importance of improving the quality and safety of farm products to meet the challenges posed by China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).
HK Official: China's WTO Entry to Benefit Legal Professionals
Legal professionals will benefit from China's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which will create many new business opportunities in the information technology and telecommunications field, a Hong Kong official said Friday.
WTO Tests Central, Local Governments
China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be a stern test of the central and local governments for their policymaking, relationships with enterprises, make-up and philosophies, prominent Chinese economists said over the weekend in Beijing.
Zhu Reiterates Resolution to Fulfil WTO Commitments
Premier Zhu Rongji told a group of international business leaders and economists that China will rigorously honor its promises for entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) despite volatile international economic situations in recent months.
Shi Predicts Foreign Glut
Despite the many uncertainties remaining in the global economy, China is expected to maintain a high level of foreign direct investment of US$45 billion to US$50 billion in 2002, according to Shi Guangsheng, minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. Shi made these remarks yesterday in Beijing in an interview at the ongoing Fifth Session of the Ninth National People's Congress.
Non-State Sector Faces New Growth Chances in China
Following the country's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the non-state sector of the economy in China is facing more opportunities for development as the government has promised to open up important markets like telecommunications, retail business and banking to both foreign and private investment, said deputies to the National People's Congress attending the current session of the legislature.
China Ready to Participate in Globalization: Trade Minister
China will actively participate in globalization as it opens wider to the outside world after last December's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Shi Guangsheng, minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation, said in a press release issued Tuesday.
Premier Calls for Wider Opening After WTO Entry
Premier Zhu Rongji has called for adapting to the new situation following China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) and opening wider to the outside world.
Hu Jintao on Study of Int'l Situation Following WTO Entry
Vice President Hu Jintao Thursday called for an all-out effort to study the current international situation and opportunities as well as challenges now that China has joined the World Trade Organization (WTO).
China's Bonded Zones to Become Free Trade Zones
China plans to turn its bonded zones into free trade zones in the future, according to recent national conference on the issue.
WTO Brings Hope of Improvements in Health Sector
Chinese people will be able to buy imported AIDS medicines more cheaply, visit an experienced foreign dentist in the neighborhood and use the latest medical technology to fight the flab. Wang Longde, vice-minister of health, said at an international seminar in Beijing Monday that these were only some of the benefits that will arise now that China is in the World Trade Organization.
Drug Industry Needs Revamping
As China tightens its laws to better protect intellectual property rights and steps up quality control of domestic-made drugs, 2002 will be a tough year for Chinese pharmaceutical firms, company executives predicted Monday.
WTO Entry to Help Township Firms Grow
Village and township-run enterprises in China are jumping on the bandwagon of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to seek faster development, Ministry of Agriculture officials said over the weekend.
Firms Court Lawyers as WTO Impact Felt
Lawyers in Beijing's high-tech hub, Zhongguancun, are set to be among the first winners of China's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) as nervous enterprises rush for legal help.
Top Lawmaker Urges Study of Impact of China's WTO Entry
China's top legislator Saturday called for study of the new situation and problems arising after the country enters the World Trade Organization (WTO).
WTO to Drive Car Industry
China's accession to the World Trade Organization is expected to significantly drive the development of its floundering auto industry in a market-driven economy.
Analysis: WTO to Bring Fair Play to China's Insurance Industry
With its entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), China's huge domestic market is opened up, and it would be a fair play with domestic life insurance companies against joint venture companies, according to Victor Apps, executive vice president and general manager for Asia of Manulife Financial .
China Promotes Anti-Dumping, Anti-Subsidy Study
According to a seminar Wednesday on fair trade issues, China will not only make anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard investigations against imports on the basis of WTO rules, but also guide domestic enterprises to actively defend their rights and interests in investigation cases against Chinese exports.
Duty-Free Sector Expects Growth After WTO Entry
Experts attending the National Duty-Free Conference Wednesday agreed that China's duty-free industry will develop more quickly after the country became a formal member of the World Trade Organization. After China enters the WTO, the thriving tourism industry will provide more opportunities for the duty-free industry. The influence of China's duty-free industry will strengthen day by day in the Asia-Pacific region.
Wine Industry Toasts WTO Accession
Wine producers and traders from more than 80 foreign wineries and distilleries toasted the successful conclusion yesterday of the China (Zhuhai) International Wine & Spirits Trade Fair.
Animal Husbandry Firms Told to Unite
The government encourages co-operation and alliances among animal husbandry enterprises to cope with escalating global competition expected in the industry as a result of the country's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), a top official said yesterday.
IT Stays on Fast Track
Although China's IT industry faces some adjustments this year, it will still be the fastest growing in the world in the next few years, according to senior government officials and IT tycoons.
Innovation Key to Motorcycle Trade
Chinese motorcycle producers have been urged to independently develop their new technology and products, rather than copy those of foreign companies, to support their exports after China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Protecting Investors' interests
Chinese legal professionals are urging the nation to set up a civil compensation mechanism to better protect stock investors' interests.
Mobile Phone Industry to be Boosted After WTO
China's mobile phone industry will take advantage of the country's WTO entry to grab more market shares, the head of China's TCL Mobile Telecommunications Co Ltd said in Fuzhou.
WTO to Mean Higher Imports for China: SSB Analysts
The chief dynamic of China's entry to the WTO isn't the boost in exports it will foster, but rather the boost in imports, Salomon Smith Barney (SSB) analysts said Monday in Hong Kong.
19 Industries to Face Both Challenge and Opportunity After WTO Entry
China's accession to the WTO will bring important development opportunities for its economic construction, of course, it will also bring many challenges, but it should be said that opportunities would outdo challenges. Then, how do ordinary people look upon the Chinese market after WTO entry? What kind of products will be well received? What products will face grim challenges? What products will bring in more opportunities? What are enterprises expecting of the government? Recently, Beijing Youth Daily conducted a survey in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Judges Vow to Strictly Enforce WTO Rules
China's top judge yesterday listed the fair and efficient trial of cases related to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules as an "important" task in the years to come.
Corporate Governance Key to Post-WTO Chinese Economy: Official
Improvement of corporate governance is of critical importance to Chinese enterprises and the Chinese economy now that the country has joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), a senior Chinese economic official said here Tuesday.
Chinese Businesses Urged to Study WTO Rules
Chinese enterprises should gain a deeper understanding of WTO rules to turn challenges into opportunities, Chinese entrepreneurs and economists urged.
China: Louder Drumbeat of Opening, Reform After WTO Accession
China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) will considerably speed up the integration of China's economy with the global economy --- a common view of officials and experts in Beijing.
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