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Government to Further Improve Market Economic Order
Top State Council official said Thursday that more efforts will be made to rectify and regulate market economic order this year, starting with a new national campaign against illegal practices.
China Revises Import-export Rules
Chinese legislators are revising a 13-year-old law on the inspection of imports and exports to unify inspection standards on foreign and domestic goods.
Import Tariffs on Wood Products to Be Cut
China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will protect the country's forest reserve but it will also deal a blow to the domestic manufacturer of artificial boards, industry experts say.
Lawyers Expected to Deal With Transnational Disputes
Lawyers trained to handle international lawsuits are becoming increasingly sought after as an increasing number of transnational legal disputes are expected in the coming years.
Foreigners Given Equal Access to Medical Services in China
Foreign nationals are entitled to the same treatment as Chinese when they apply for medical benefits or receive medical treatment, according to an official of the Ministry of Health in referring to World Trade Organization commitments made by China.
Banks Dancing to WTO Tune
Chinese commercial banks are busy preparing for the upcoming challenges brought by the country's accession to the World Trade Organization.
China's Challenge: Creating New Jobs
Entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) last December has brought "no immediate changes" to the country's human resources market.
China Takes Major Agricultural Measures to Cope with WTO Challenges
China will take five major measures in agriculture in order to cope with challenges brought about by China's WTO entry, said She Qinglin, minister of Agriculture at a press conference.
New Court to Handle Foreign Business Disputes
A special team of judges in Beijing has been called in to deal with expected international cases involving transnational disputes, now that China has entered the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Lawyers Face Big Challenges
Local lawyers must strengthen their professional skills to confront keener competition when China opens its door wider to foreign law firms.
Tourism Gets First Joint Firm
The first Sino-foreign joint venture business travel service company, named CITS American Express Travel Services Ltd, debuted Monday in Beijing, marking the formal opening of China's travel market after the country's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Beijing Municipality Not to Cancel Preferential Policies for Foreign Entrepreneurs
Vice Mayor of Beijing Zhang Mao said Monday that Beijing would not withdraw any preferential policies for foreign investors with China's entry into the WTO.
Ministers Briefed on Impact of WTO Entry, Countermeasures
At a six-day meeting ministerial officials briefed an audience of more than 4,000 central and provincial government officials and directors of state-owned firms on the impact of China's WTO entry on related sectors such as economy, trade, agriculture, finance, information technology, news and publishing, personnel and legislative affairs, as well as countermeasures that should be taken.
WTO Entry: A Two-edged Sword for China's Employment Market
China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will bring both opportunities and challenges to the country's employment market.
Chinese Officials to Receive Training at Havard's Kennedy School
Chinese officials will have the opportunities to receive training at the Havard thanks to an agreement signed by the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), Tsinghua University and John F. Kennedy School of Harvard Thursday in Beijing.
China Undergoes Conceptual Changes After WTO
"Preferential policies", " internal memos", "review and approval" and some other once familiar concepts are being phased out in China, since the country became a full member of the World Trade Organization in December.
WTO Entry Drives Car Prices Down
Aware that China's WTO entry would trigger big growth in car imports, the country's leading automakers have initiated price cuts to retain sales since the beginning of the new year.
China Adjusts Agriculture Policy for WTO Entry
China has pledged to try every means the WTO allows to protect its overall agriculture productivity and develop farm produce with higher competitiveness.
China Begins Drafting on Anti-monopoly and Anti-dumping Rules
The State General Administration for Industry and Commerce is busy reviewing and amending existing rules to make them conform to the WTO regulations. Once these laws are formulated, an overall legal framework for market order and supervision is expected to take shape
Market Says Goodbye to Foul Play
China's market watchdog is busy reviewing and amending existing rules to make them conform to the World Trade Organization (WTO) regulations.
Chinese Steel Giant Makes Big Adjustments
Despite a lingering festive mood in Beijing, people from the Beijing-based Shougang Group feel more pressure than pleasure. Luo Bingsheng, board chairman of the leading iron and steel producer in China, said 2002 is "very crucial" year with both challenges and opportunities ahead.
Major Agricultural Base Adapts to Post-WTO Competition
Shandong Province, a major agricultural production base in east China, has taken measures to gear its agricultural production to the tough competition that came on the heals of the country's accession to the World Trade Organization.
Govt to Speed up Development of Intermediate Technological Agencies
The Chinese government will speed up the development of intermediate technological agencies to help research findings be applied more quickly to the economy, China's accession to the WTO is prompting the government to create a flexible and favorable climate for scientific and industrial development, said Xu Guanhua, minister of science and technology on January 4.
Service Quality Key to Law Firms
Chinese law firms, aware of the tough competition ahead now that China is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), are making all-out efforts to raise their service level to meet international standard.
Industry Adopts World Code
China's membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) has prompted new calls for its fledgling market research industry to follow international practices. Starting January 1, the industry will adopt the standards of the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, which has been used by more than 100 countries and regions, said Li Li, secretary general of the China Marketing Research Association.
PM: Strategies key following WTO entry
China will adjust its development strategies of education, science and technology to better adapt to the new economic situation following its entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
China Completes Rectification of WTO-related Laws
China has completed the rectification of six laws, making them all conforming to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Courts Witness Upswing in IPR Protection Cases
China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) has posed new challenges to judicial works, especially in the area of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, court officials said.
Legal Services Need to Improve
China's legal service providers need to adjust the way they do business to better meet the demands of a domestic market challenged by competition from overseas, said the Minister of Justice Zhang Fusen Sunday.
Changes to Breathe New Life into Coal Sector
Technological innovations will give tremendous impetus to the revitalization of China's coal industry in the 10th Five-Year Plan period (2001-05) and will help the sector face challenges following the nation's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).
HK Pushes for Chance to Offer Arbitral Services
Hong Kong's Secretary of Justice Elsie Leung was in Beijing yesterday attempting to woo domestic and foreign businesses in a bid to tempt them to consider arbitration services in the special administrative region (SAR) as a major option to solving business disputes.
Merge of Two Retailers Makes Beijing's Largest Chainstore
Chaoshifa and Tiankelong, two local chainstores, merged Tuesday to form Beijing's largest supermarket company, a week after China joins the World Trade Organization.
Clean-up of WTO-Contradictory Laws a Priority: Senior Official
The cleaning up of laws, regulations and policies contradictory to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) shall be a priority for China as it joined the trade body Tuesday, State Councilor Wu Yi said.
Central Bank to Increase Supervision Transparency After WTO Entry
China's central bank (People's Bank of China) will increase its supervision transparency according to related regulations, the bank will oversee both foreign and domestic banks equally according to principle of national treatment, said Wu Xiaoling, vice president of People's Bank of China.
China Adjusts Trade Laws for Final WTO Entry
China's State Trade and Economic Commission will release a total of 163 adjusted trade laws and regulations at the end of this month. China has already released some adjusted laws and regulations concerning foreign fund use and intellectual property protection. The newly released intellectual property rights laws include the Patent Law, the Trademark Law and the Copyright Law.
Rules Revised for WTO
China will revise its life insurance regulations to keep in line with international practice and to meet the requirements of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
China's Textile Industry Gears Up for WTO Challenges
Facing the challenges brought by China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), textile enterprises the country are building up muscles to meet fiercer competition at both domestic and foreign markets.
Civil Aviation to Open Part of Its Service Sectors
China's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will not have a strong impact on China's civil aviation industry, sources with the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) said Monday.
China to Open Tourism Market
China will gradually lift the limit on the overseas stakes in the domestic traveling agencies to open the tourism market, as it has committed in the World Trade Organization (WTO) talks, according to Sun Gang, vice director of the National Tourism Administration.
Service Sector Poised to See Influx of Foreigners
The service sector is ripe for a mini-boom in foreign experts with increasing numbers expected to seek work in China following its entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
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