Museum to Mark First Ancient Emperor

China is to set up a museum to mark the birth place of its first emperor,Qinshihuang,in the city of Handan,north China's Hebei Province.

According to archaeologists,Qinshihuang,the first emperor who unified China in 221B.C.,was born at Handan.

The museum will feature exhibits of historical documents and cultural relics on the emperor and the time period,and will become one of the city's tourism destinations.

In his lifetime,Qinshihuang started to build his mausoleum,which included pits for terra-cotta warriors.

The new Qinshihuang Mausoleum is to be located 30kilometers east of Xi'an,home of the 2,000-plus world-renowned terra cotta warriors.

( December 25, 2001)